Empowering Your Business with Sustainable Energy Solutions in Centennial & Denver, CO

Explore How Green CHP's Innovative Solutions Drive Cost Reduction, Decarbonization, and Sustainability for Energy-Dependent Businesses

What We Do for Our Customers
At Green CHP, we are committed to helping your business achieve both environmental and financial goals through sustainable energy solutions. Our integrated energy systems focus on leveraging hybrid thermal solar panels to efficiently provide hot water and electric power. This approach not only reduces your dependency on traditional utilities but also significantly lowers your energy costs by harnessing the power of combined heat and power (CHP) systems. Our solutions are designed for dynamic markets, including healthcare, manufacturing, food and beverage, hospitality, and commercial dry cleaning, ensuring a fit for various business needs.

How We Support Our Customers
Partnering with Green CHP means more than just acquiring a new energy system; it means embracing a transformative shift towards a sustainable, cost-effective future. We offer personalized support tailored to the unique energy needs of each business, whether you own your building or lease it. Our systems are flexible and can be configured to meet specific site requirements, providing you with greater control over your energy spend and helping you maximize the financial benefits, such as turning tax incentives into new revenue streams.

The Ideal Green CHP Customer
Businesses that rely heavily on utilities and routinely recycle hot water in their manufacturing or service processes will significantly benefit from our solutions. Ideal customers are those in sectors like healthcare, where facilities require dependable and economical energy solutions to meet extensive needs, and manufacturing plants that not only need steady power for heavy machinery but also often recycle hot water as part of their operations. Our systems excel in recapturing heat as energy, enhancing efficiency and sustainability. Additionally, our technology is ideal for the hospitality industry and residential complexes, where there is a consistent demand for both hot water and electricity, ensuring that no energy is wasted, and operational costs are minimized.

Whether you own or lease your building, Green CHP can tailor a system to suit your needs, ensuring you receive all the benefits of a lower-cost, renewable energy source. Our team is ready to assist you in every step of the transition, from initial consultation to ongoing support, making sure that your move to sustainable energy is seamless and beneficial.

Industrial Manufacturing
Optimize industrial manufacturing operations with our tailored solutions that cut energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint

Industrial manufacturing, chemical plants, pharmaceuticals, polymers, textiles and automotive manufacturing facilities

Commercial Laundry
Transform your commercial laundry operations with our Zero GHG emission solutions to drastically cut hot water and energy costs

Commercial linen and uniform services, laundromats, corporate laundry and industrial textile supply services

Empower your hospital or healthcare facility with energy-efficient solutions that lower costs and minimize environmental impact

Hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and other healthcare facilities.

Food and Beverage Manufacturing
Helping food and beverage manufacturers achieve sustainability and reduce utility dependence with energy efficient solutions

Food processing plants, food production, meat processing, culinary institutes, distilleries and breweries

Dairy Processing
Revitalize your dairy processing facilities with sustainable best practices that lower hot water and energy costs while reducing your carbon footprint

Dairy processing, cheese and yogurt manufacturing, pasteurization and equipment sanitization

Hydrogen Production
Empowering hydrogen production facilities to transition their manufacturing processes to clean, green solutions

Industrial hydrogen producers, energy suppliers, project developers, utilities, transmission system operators

Hospitality and Group Housing
Dramatically reduce your hot water and power costs with a Net Zero green solution for sustainability

Hotels, motels and resorts, apartment complexes, military housing, correctional facilities and university/school campuses.

Correctional Facilities
Optimize energy efficiency with solutions that cut costs for hot water and power while complying with government emissions mandates

Correctional facility housing, prisons, rehabilitation, juvenile, and detention centers