A Multivector Energy Problem

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Energy is an essential requirement, playing a vital role in the operations of Commercial and Industrial (C&I) entities, accounting for almost half of the total energy consumption in the United States. These companies rely on energy to facilitate heating, lighting, cooling, and the overall safe and productive functioning of their businesses.

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  • However, evolving expectations regarding the volume, types, and sources of energy are reshaping the landscape. Green CHP™ introduces a fresh perspective by leveraging the concept of "and" to address fundamental energy needs more efficiently, with cost-effectiveness, reduced emissions, and enhanced sustainability. Our aim is to provide eco-friendly energy solutions that benefit both your organization and the environment.

    Take a deeper look at what's causing the problem

    Increasing cost of utilities.

    Businesses face the challenge of cutting expenses and enhancing profitability. For commercial and industrial (C&I) enterprises, energy costs constitute a significant portion, reaching up to 70 percent of input expenditures. Furthermore, the expenses associated with electricity and natural gas have consistently increased over the years.

    Corporate policies.

    Organizations are progressively showcasing their pledges to decarbonization and energy efficiency, placing a high priority on minimizing Scope 1 and 2 emissions. However, due to constrained resources allocated to sustainability initiatives and heightened scrutiny regarding the actual advancements made, numerous companies face allegations of engaging in "greenwashing."

    Societal and macroeconomic pressures.

    Decarbonization emerges as a significant policy focus in numerous states and cities, with a growing emphasis on reducing reliance on natural gas. The diminishing appeal of conventional energy generation technologies is influenced by apprehensions about grid reliability and compliance with air quality standards, such as those related to ozone attainment zones.

    Market pressures.

    In a competitive commercial real estate landscape, properties with a focus on renewable features experience increased occupancy and higher lease rates per square foot.

    Market saturation.

    The market for renewable energy in the United States is filled with what is claimed to be environmentally friendly technology and various suppliers, forming a marketplace that can be confusing and lacks consumer-friendliness.

    Unintended consequences.

    Existing energy technologies address particular requirements but often overlook or have adverse impacts on other important priorities, leading to unintended consequences. For instance, conventional Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems produce both heat and power, but this approach results in elevated emissions and additional operating expenses. In conventional power and heat generation processes without CHP, nearly two-thirds of energy is wasted.

    Expensive O&M.

    The majority of conventional energy generation technologies entail operating machinery incurring significant costs.

    ROIs below hurdle rates.

    The typical timeframe for recovering costs in solar installations ranges from 7 to 10 years. Implementing such changes may involve significant capital investment and may not align with business needs compared to other potential internal investment options.


    What is CHP?

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    Combined Heat and Power (CHP), commonly referred to as cogeneration, generates electricity and thermal energy at the location, serving as an alternative or addition to the electricity supplied by a nearby utility and the fuel combusted in an on-site boiler or furnace. By generating energy at the point of consumption, CHP systems enhance energy security, leading to a notable enhancement in overall energy efficiency.

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    Green CHP™ is a renewable CHP option

    Green CHP™ green energy solutions focus on...

    • Generating heat and power through solar energy
    • Utilizing renewable system components that are not currently prevalent or utilized extensively in the U.S. market
    • Implementing scalable deployment strategies to address changing business and operational requirements

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