About Us

Our Founding Principle

Green CHP™ was born from an idea that lies in combining energy, sustainability, and strategy. With more than forty years of experience in energy transmission, solar technology and manufacturing, our team observed a common thread: integrated approaches to energy are not just innovative but necessary for progress within America's industrial landscape.

Recognizing a gap in the market, our founders sought to address the vital energy needs of commercial and industrial facilities through solutions that are efficient, eco-friendly, and economically beneficial. Unlike conventional energy technologies, which may address singular issues at the expense of others, Green CHP™ develops systems that account for the entire energy lifecycle, promoting a balance between operational needs and sustainability.

The Global Context

In Europe, the integration of solar thermal is advanced, with notable adoption rates. The International Energy Agency reports that dwellings using solar thermal technologies for water heating reached 250 million in 2020. There's an ambitious goal to increase this to 400 million by 2030. This rapid deployment underlines the recognition of solar thermal's value and its integration into a zero-emission future​ (IEA)​.

Moreover, the European solar market achieved a record high with 56 GW of installations in 2023, marking a significant year-over-year growth and indicating a strong movement towards renewable energy adoption. Germany led the charge with 14.1 GW installed in 2023, and the EU's total solar capacity saw a substantial increase to 263 GW, up from 207 GW the previous year​ (SolarPower Europe)​.

These statistics provide a clear message: solar thermal combined heat and power solutions are not only viable but are already providing substantial benefits in other parts of the world. North America has a ripe opportunity to embrace this proven technology, allowing companies that act quickly to gain a substantial competitive advantage while aligning with sustainability mandates and demonstrating leadership in environmental stewardship.

The Opportunity Ahead

The technology we champion is not a speculative gamble; it is established, operational, and effective. Our solar thermal solutions align with the urgent need for decarbonization and energy independence. As businesses in North America begin to realize the potential of these systems, the early adopters stand to gain a significant advantage.

The commitment to sustainable practices is not just a moral imperative but a strategic one. Companies with the vision to invest in these technologies can not only expect to see a reduction in their carbon footprint but also a tangible improvement in their bottom line.

At Green CHP™, we offer more than energy solutions; we provide a gateway to a future where economic performance and ecological responsibility are not just aligned but mutually reinforcing. The journey toward this future isn't just for the visionary; it's for the strategic leader looking to cement their company's place in an evolving market where sustainability is the new standard of excellence.

Our Leadership Team