Sustainability managers are faced with increasing challenges driven by market pressures and corporate strategies.

Green CHP targets both scope 1 and scope 2 emissions simultaneously without the costs or burdens of most other solutions.

  • Light produces electricity (reduce scope 2) and
  • harvesting heat makes electricity generation more efficient and
  • Harvesting heat reduces scope 1 emissions.


A northeastern food manufacturing company was struggling to maintain its bottom line against steeply rising energy costs. With a Green CHP™solution, they're now poised to save more than $3.5 million over the lifetime of the system with a 4.2-year payback and an LCOE of $0.056 / kWh.

A Midwest food processor with a corporate commitment to net-zero needed a way to dramatically reduce their carbon emissions and save cash. Our Green CHP solution is projected to save them more than 1.2 million in CO2 emissions and nearly $18,000 in energy expenses every year. The solution addressed both scope 1 and scope 2 emissions in a cash-positive way with an LCOE of $0.023 / kWh.

An Indiana brewery was worried about the sustainability of its energy consumption practices amid rising energy costs. After looking into photovoltaic solar panels, the company wasn't convinced that the electricity produced by the panels would offset enough of the cost of the panels to justify the investment. With a Green CHP™ solution, the brewery is able to offset both its electricity and natural gas consumption at an LCOE of $0.0446 / kWh.

An upscale Florida hotel wanted to attract more eco-conscious guests. But with limited roof space, the company wasn't sure how to maximize its renewable energy generation potential. Green CHP™ designed a custom renewable CHP solution that allows the hotel to offset more than 100,000 pounds of CO2 emissions every year at an LCOE of $0.03 / kWh.

A green hydrogen production company was looking for a way to augment its renewable offerings. With a Green CHP™ solution integrated into the production process, the holistic system performance was enhanced, enabling the company to offer even more value to its customers.