Our Story

With more than a century of combined energy, sustainability, and strategic problem-solving experience, we consistently found that combinations and synergies across solutions yielded better results. This is no less true than with energy solutions and technologies for meeting the changing energy needs of America's commercial and industrial facilities.

Green CHP™ founders began with a better approach to meeting basic energy needs with better cost, lower emissions, and improved sustainability. We've found that traditional energy technologies typically solve for specific needs while ignoring or negatively affecting other priorities and creating unintended consequences. Green CHP™ solutions take the entire energy ecosystem into consideration when designing holistic and integrated solar energy solutions for commercial and industrial facilities with the need for both electric power and heat for HVAC, domestic hot water or process needs. These holistic, integrated, renewable CHP solutions help C&I businesses meet their cost savings, reliability, and sustainability goals faster.

More a vocation than a business, we bring the best, proven integrated solutions from concept to reality for your success. Businesses that are serious about improving their bottom line and lessening their environmental impact choose Green CHP™.

Our Leadership